Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to promote the wellness and health of children ages birth to three through the distribution of the essentials of daily living. 

Our vision is to empower parents to provide for their children as they aspire toward self-sufficiency.

By providing families in need with the basic supplies for their infants and toddlers, we empower parents to better care for their families. For example, many daycare centers won’t allow an infant or toddler to be dropped off without a supply of diapers, forcing parents to stay home with the baby. Diapers can often be the resource that frees a parent to work and earn a living to support their family.

The incentive of a regular supply of free diapers also helps to keep young parents connected to social service agencies and community resources that help stabilize families, like parenting classes or GED courses.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to ensure all children are healthy and safe and have the resources they need to grow into productive adults.

Our near-term goal is to support all families who contact us, and to expand our network to include active partners across all 50 states by the end of 2016.

Every day we challenge ourselves to:

  • ensure that children are well cared for
  • ensure that children are provided the tools to begin a healthy lifestyle
  • ensure that our services reach as many children as possible.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We rely on the generous support of our sponsors, donors, volunteers, staff and board of trustees to keep our administrative costs low so we can focus our resources where they are needed most: providing the essentials for the children we serve.  More than 90 cents of every dollar goes directly into services for our client families.

The Cuddle Me Program has more than 125 partners in eight states and Washington, DC, and we’re adding more every day.