Our goal is to have partners in every state by 2018.

The Cuddle Me Program partners with a network of other nonprofits that have a complementary primary purpose: food banks, churches, state agencies, teen mother programs and other organizations our clients naturally turn to when in need. By partnering with these established organizations, the Cuddle Me Program can more effectively and efficiently distribute the essentials to the babies and young families we serve.

The Cuddle Me Program currently has more than 45 partners in eight states and the District of Columbia and, like the babies we serve, we’re growing every day. (Find us on Facebook, where we welcome our new partners!)

We need your help to grow our partner network!

We’re always looking for new partners to expand our network.  We often receive requests through Facebook from young mothers in states where we have no partners. We do our best to help individually while searching for local partners to better help us reach people in need.

You can help us spread the word! If you know of an organization that serves children and young families in need and would be an appropriate distribution venue, please email us.  If your organization is interested in becoming a partner, please contact us to receive a program description, memorandum of understanding, and consultation with our Partner Outreach Coordinator.

Important Note: Please do not contact these organizations directly for assistance. We require you to click here and submit the assistance form for security purposes, or contact a local WIC Office near you. Someone will be back in touch with you quickly!